Description: Dreidel and Ornament Flat Photo Card
Perfect for: Winter parties, winter birthday or luncheons.

Item Size: 7" x 5"

Paper Type: 80 pounds
Printing Method: Solid Ink Design & Printed U.S.A
Envelopes: in white & free [Personalized Envelopes are 50¢ each]

CREATIVE LUV provides personalized customization for each of our individual clients. After we receive your payment, you will receive an email to approve the appearance and wording of each invitation. This provides you with an opportunity to customize any invitations according to your style and taste on a one-to-one basis with our designers via email and website links.


Personalized Print Order:
Dreidel and Ornament

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Personalized envelopes are 50¢ eachPersonalized Envelope

When you purchase 25 or more cards, with payment of 44 cents for each card, we'll put stamps on the envelope free of charge.

We'll stamp the envelops for FREE

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